You Can Be An Attendance Hero

School District  of Philadelphia Attendance Goal

60% of students in K-5 will attend school 95% of the time or more

Monthly Attendance Challenge Slogans


Month                                          Instructional Days & Slogan

August                                               5          “Strive for Five”

September                                       17       “Achieve Seventeen”

October                                             23       “Reach for Twenty-Three”

November                                        18       “Crush Eighteen”

December                                        15       “Maintain Fifteen”

January                                              20       “Jump for Twenty”

February                                           19       “Be Here for Nineteen”

March                                                21       “Bring on Twenty-One”

April                                                   19       “Pull for Nineteen”

May                                                    21       “Bring on Twenty One”

June                                                    2          You Can Do Two