We Press Forward and Carry On...

Greetings Crossan Community:

We had such an amazing year!  Our teachers and our leaders engaged a new way of learning with our new mathematics curriculum.  We have had fall carnivals, dress down days, attendance celebrations.  Furthermore, our Principal won the Lindback Award for Outstanding Principals, which opened up the door for our school to be featured on 6ABC news and Good Morning America.  The footage for those telecasts are hyperlinked above.

We have entered into the final quarter of the year where we focus on school closure and preparation for the next school year.  This year, we have created a Crossan Parent Summer Support Portal that will give you access to summer instructional materials and activities for your children, social emotional learning tools, and local area ideas for summer fun.  Please make use of this incredible resource.  We have two more weeks of school and we hope that ALL of our leaders are present each day so that we can reach our attendance goals for the year.  We thank you for your continued partnership!


Dr. Khadijah Bright