The Kennedy Crossan Staff Welcomes You



Principal Message:

Our team is honored that you have chosen Kennedy C. Crossan Academics Plus as a school for your child.  Our team is committed to taking the school from good to GREAT because we are committed to academic excellence ALWAYS.  We have a strong and dedicated cohort of teachers and staff who wholeheartedly believe that all Crossan students deserve to be taught at high levels.  In addition, our small learning community is staffed to offer students with additional academic support in the classroom.

Crossan is a school where all community members feel safe, supported, and inspired to contribute.  Some of the programs that we have launched to support our school’s instructional  culture are:


●      Children’s Literacy Initiative

●      Instrumental Music Instruction

●      Extended Day Activities: Robotics, Computer Interventions

●      Dancing Classrooms

●      Fox Chase Farm Partnership


I welcome the opportunity for parents and community members to contribute to our learning environment in the form of service or school sponsored events.  In any event, we look forward to partnering with you over the course of the year to make this a fantastic year for our students.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 215-400-3160.


Dr.Bright, Principal