About Us


Kennedy C. Crossan School is a small and mighty K-5 boutique style school that educates leaders in grades kindergarten through grade five.  We have two classes per grade and we offer the following special classes:

  • Art
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education.

We also have partnerships with Woodmere Museum and Eat Right Now that deliver thoughtful lessons that support the learning that occurs in our classrooms.  Our school is led by Dr. Bright, who has been the Principal of Crossan School for the last 5 years and has been a school leader in and for the SDP for over 7 years.  The instructional program is supported by the following Crossan Team members:

  • Mrs. Findlay-Kindergarten-mfindlay@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Hartnett-Kindergarten-ahartnett@philasd.org
  • Ms. Derry-Grade 1-nderry@philasd.org
  • Mrs. King-Grade 1-dgurley@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Gillen-Grade 2-dgillen@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Griffin-Grade 2-jgriffin2@philasd.org
  • Mrs. DiCianni-Grade 3-mdicianni@philasd.org
  • Ms. Mosiondz-Grade 3-amosiondz@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Kimball-Grade 4-skoss@philasd.org
  • Mr. Welsh-Grade 4-dwelsh@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Kennedy-Grade 5-lparkin@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Metzger-Grade 5-jmetzger@philasd.org
  • Ms. Liss-Dean of Students-kaliss@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Robinson-SBTL-krobinson@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Carboni-SPECM-cbuleza@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Adams-Special Education-taqulino@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Bradley-English Language Teacher- jbruestle@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Bissell-Art Teacher-kbissell@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Foley-Science Teacher-mfoley@philasd.org
  • Mr. Netterville-Health and Physical Education Teacher-mnetterville@philasd.org
  • Mr. Ozimkiewicz- School Nurse-kozimkiewicz@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Alden-School Counselor-arobinson@philasd.org
  • Mrs. Riegler-Secretary-lsriegler@philasd.org

Special Education Assistants:

  • Ms. Bridges
  • Mrs. Himes
  • Ms. Jackson
  • Ms. McKinney
  • Mrs. Yaseen


  • Ms. Griffies
  • Ms. Khatab
  • Ms. Crespo-Addison

School Climate Support:

  • Mrs. Hunter
  • Ms. Wright

Custodial Team:

  • Mr. Carl Lee-BE
  • Mr. Lennon-CA
  • Ms. Natasha-GC

Food Services:

  • Ms. Batista-Food Services